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If you're spending your summer vacation close to home, here are some ways you can make the most of it. Also, summer is a great time to get a head start on back-to-school preparations.


Celebrate the season and take care of yourself

You may have needed to alter your vacation plans, but you shouldn’t alter your routine. There are ways to keep up with your healthy lifestyle, and with a little imagination, enjoy summer.

  • Enjoy a picnic at home: Tired of eating the same thing every day? Why not have a picnic? What would you bring to your backyard summertime feast? If you’re stuck for ideas, check out CF Kitchen for some mouth-watering, picnic-ready recipes, including Chicken Jar SaladSummer Berry Parfait, and for dessert, Blackberry Cobbler
  • Take up a new hobby: Now may be a perfect time to renew an old hobby or pick up a new one. If you’re looking for something new to watch, make your own mini film festival. Pick a themelike Oscar winners or movies by a particular directorpop the popcorn, sit back, and enjoy! If you’re looking for things you can lose yourself in for an hour or two, try puzzles or coloring books
  • Maintain your healthy habits: No matter what you do for summer fun, your routine shouldn’t take a break. Keep up with your medicines. Also, why not add some healthy activities like meditating, yogabreathing exercises, or stretching to your daily regimen?
  • Get outside: As long as you keep a safe distance from others, you can still get outside and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. It could be just taking a walk, riding your bike, or tending your garden
  • Virtual doctor visits: Talk to your CF Center and find out if it is better for you to have a telephone or video appointment, or an in-person visit

Back to school

Of course, summer will come to an end, and then it’s back to school. Now is the perfect time to prepare. Here are some tips to help you, whether you are learning on campus or at home.

  • No matter how you attend classes in the fall, be sure to set up some time to meet with your instructors to explain your learning and health needs. You can download our templated letter to guide your conversation
  • If you are learning remotely, get contact information for your new classmates and schedule virtual meetings to get to know each other better. Take advantage of other networking opportunities available through social media
  • If you are on campus, schedule time with the school’s health center and let them know about your health issues if you are a new student, or to remind them if you are returning