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The cooler months are starting and the holidays are on their way. This winter may be a little different from ones in the past. Here are some tips for enjoying the times ahead.


Making the most of the season

The coming season is filled with traditions. Each year, we celebrate and appreciate the people that mean the most to us. Here are a few ideas to help you safely continue your favorite activities and introduce new ones. 

  • Create virtual fun. If you’re using a video chat to stay connected with friends and family, keep it interesting. Use the time to play charades, teach one another a favorite recipe, or play an online game together in a separate window
  • Play at an appropriate distance. If you get snow, start a snowman building contest. If you don’t, try a holiday decoration contest. These are great ways to connect with neighbors, friends, or family, while maintaining a safe distance
  • Take time to recharge. The darker days of winter may affect your energy and your mood. Try to use the daylight to your advantage and get outside when it's sunny—even for a few minutes. It may truly brighten your day! If you could use ideas for maintaining a healthy mindset, try some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  • Keep the indoors interesting. If you’ve done one too many jigsaw puzzles, you could try mixing it up with some board games. Beyond the old classics we all know, there are many popular new games to check out. Learn about the latest and greatest games from sites including and
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Take some time to show your loved one around the kitchen. Making a sweet treat together can be a great way to inspire a budding baker. Try our recipe for Peanut Butter Blondies or Monkey Bread


Stay safe during the winter season

While there are many things to celebrate during the winter months, cold and flu season is not one of them. Take a minute to remind yourself of the precautions you can take to avoid getting and spreading germs. 

  • Keep a safe distance: Be sure to limit close contact with others, whether they appear to be sick or not. If you get sick, do the same for others
  • Stay at home when possible: Staying home from school, work, or errands can help you avoid contact with others and keep those germs from spreading 
  • Cover your mouth and nose: The flu and other respiratory diseases are spread, in part, by coughing and sneezing. By covering your nose and mouth, you limit the germs you share with others
  • Wash your hands: Washing often—and for at least 20 seconds—can help protect you from germs you may have touched. If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer