Summer is a special season, but taking care of yourself during these months sometimes requires a little extra planning. Check out the tips below on how to stay on track with your health during the busy summer months. And don’t forget, May is national Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month.

You’ll also find suggestions for how to share your experiences with others.

Enjoy summer while staying on track

With so many exciting things to do during the summer, it can be easy to forget to keep up with your normal care routine. Here are some tips to help manage your health while having fun.

  • Plan a vacation at home: With uncertainty about travel, come up with ways to enjoy a staycation. Go for walks. Tend to your garden. Read a book outside
  • Use video chats: Connect with your friends and family if you can't travel to see them or if your vacation plans have changed
  • Keep cool: If any of your medicines can’t get too hot, store them in a cooler with an ice pack when you plan to spend a long time outdoors
  • Drink lots of water: 64 ounces a day is a good goal. To be sure you’re having enough water, fill a 64-ounce container and drink it all throughout the day
  • Bring snacks: If you’re going out for a hike or a bike ride, make sure you bring some food with you. CF Kitchen has plenty of recipes for easy-to-make snacks to take along
  • Call ahead for your appointments: See if you need to go to your CF Center or if you can have a virtual appointment. When making your appointments, be sure they don't conflict with your summer plans

May is CF Awareness Month

CF Awareness Month is your opportunity to talk to friends and coworkers about CF. Educating others about CF can build up your support system and strengthen your existing relationships.

Try these tips for ways to start the conversation.

  • Go digital. Share a personal story about how CF has affected you or your family. Try blogging or a video message on social media
  • Try out special cover photos and frames that you can add to your Facebook profile
  • Download templated letters to communicate with educators on how CF may affect you in your classes
  • Be sure to check for updates about the Great Strides walk. Because of COVID-19, many have been postponed. If the walk in your area is canceled or postponed, there are other ways to help raise funds and awareness
  • Check out social media to see how others are celebrating CF Awareness Month virtually
  • Talk to people you know about other ways to get involved in the community, during CF Awareness Month and every month