Relationships with CF

Relationships and CF

There’s strength in numbers when it comes to your support network—a helping hand or a listening ear never fails. Here’s how you can build your relationships with the ones who can make a difference.

Family and friends

Grow your network from the inside out. Consider the following tips to help strengthen your closest relationships.

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  • Explain what CF is: Many people won’t be as familiar with cystic fibrosis (CF) as you are, so don’t be shy about educating them. People can only help when they know what’s going on
  • Find out their health status: It’s important for friends and family to know that when spending time with someone with CF, even minor illnesses, like a cold, are a big deal
  • Explain your or your child’s CF treatments: They might be able to lend a hand in the future if you’re comfortable with it
  • Show your appreciation: Make sure you let them know that their support is super important to you. If they know what they do is going a long way, they may end up offering even more time and help

Once your friends and family are more educated on CF, get them involved! Take them to any CF events that you participate in. They can be a pillar of support for you.

CF and dating

Strengthen your relationship with your significant other with these helpful tips:

CF and dating
  • Be up front: Help your partner understand CF from the beginning of the relationship
  • Balance your health and your relationship: Try to find the balance between spending time with your partner and focusing on your health
  • Look after your partner: Your CF care routine, along with other daily activities, can take up a lot of your time and energy. But it's still important to check in with your partner to understand their needs and make them feel as loved and supported as you do

Family planning

Starting a family can be one of the biggest decisions you make—and potentially one of the most rewarding. Set up time with your partner and your CF care team to discuss next steps and options. Take a look here for insightful resources and information.

Family planning Family planning