School Life with CF

School Life

Managing school and CF

Here are some of the school employees you can meet with to discuss needs you may have related to your cystic fibrosis (CF):

Managing school and CF
  • The administrators. Consider discussing a modified schedule with the administrators before the school year starts
  • The coach. On a sports team? If so, sticking to your treatment, even on game days, is still important. Talk to your coach to devise a plan you can play around. This goes for other extracurricular activities as well
  • The school nurse. Consider discussing:
  • The particulars of your CF in case of an emergency
  • Classroom illnesses and the risk of getting sick

Gearing up for college?

Get to know the services offered on your campus:

  • Try to set up an appointment with your school's health center so you can meet the staff and learn your way around the facility
Graduation Hats
  • Many colleges have offices set up, such as a Dean of Students or Dean of Special Services, to help students with conditions like CF. Check with your school to see what they have in place
  • Talk with your CF Care Center. Let your care team know that you will be going to college so you can form a plan for appointments during the semester
  • Consider setting up a conversation with your professors to let them know about CF and to set expectations for the semester ahead. This templated letter can help you get started

Talking to a roommate

Here are some tips to help you discuss CF with your roommate:

  • Set up a conversation with your roommate before school starts
Dorm rooms
  • Schedule an outing together to establish common interests
  • Determine if your roommate is a good match. If not, don't worry. Talk to your residential advisor to see what your options are