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What to Know About
Changing Insurance

While you may be familiar with the end-of-year hustle to make changes to your insurance plan, did you know that many life events qualify you to make changes at other times of the year? Events like marriage, birth or adoption of a child, starting a new job or leaving an old one, or even turning 26 can trigger a Special Enrollment Period where you can join a new insurance plan or add spouses or dependents to an existing one. These periods are usually 60 days, so it’s best to be proactive when you’re looking to make a change.

When the time comes to change your plan, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Do your homework. Understand the details of the new plan before you enroll.
  2. Remember that every plan is different. Just because your old plan covered certain prescriptions and visits, that doesn’t mean that your new one will do the same.
  3. Ask questions. The only way to find out the answers you need is to ask. Some questions to get you started include:
  • When does coverage begin and end?
  • Are my current/preferred doctors, specialists, cystic fibrosis (CF) Center, emergency care, and hospitals covered or considered in-network?
  • Are my prescriptions covered?
  • Does the plan cover generic and brand-name prescriptions?
  • Are any prior authorizations needed? What are the requirements?

Need more help choosing the right plan? Use the worksheet on page 7 of the Insurance 101 downloadable resource to compare insurance options.

“I often have to weigh which jobs I take with insurance, and all of those things weigh into it differently as a CF patient.”

– Julia, performer living with CF

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