Raspberry Orange Smoothie

5 minutes
2 servings


275 Calories Per Serving

15 g Fat Per Serving

6 g Protein Per Serving

32 g Carbohydrates Per Serving

20 g Sugars Per Serving

60 mg Sodium Per Serving



  1. Allow the raspberries to thaw for a few minutes.

  2. Place the orange juice, heavy cream, buttermilk, and oatmeal in a blender (or in a bowl for a hand blender).

  3. Add the raspberries and blend until creamy. Finish with 1 tablespoon honey, if desired. If smoothie is too thick, you can add milk or water.

Cooking Tip

Make this a vegan smoothie by using coconut milk and coconut yogurt instead of whole milk and heavy cream.

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