CF Resources

Talking Everyday CF: Dishing on Fats and Nutrition

Learn about fats and nutrition from registered dietitian Molly Bigford. She shares tips for healthy snacking, meal prep, and why some fats are better than others.




CF Health Resources

Wake Up With Yoga

Start your yoga practice with these beginner-friendly poses.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises may help reduce stress. Check out this guide for ideas.

CF Navigator Resources

Talking to Others About CF

Use these tips for discussing CF with friends, coworkers, or significant others.

Traveling With CF

Before you take off, download this checklist for travel tips and reminders.

Insurance 101

Get help navigating insurance coverage with a worksheet, glossary, and more.

College Transition Guide

Prepare for this exciting step with checklists and advice for college life.

Letter for School Accommodations

Share this handy printable resource with your instructors.

Attending College Virtually: A Resource for Students

Advice and tips for managing college life from home.

Attending College Virtually: A Resource for Caregivers

Help your child succeed while learning from home. 

Your Guide to Summer

Useful tips to help you enjoy summer, no matter your plans.

Making Informed Decisions at Mealtime

Use this guide to find healthy meals and snacks.